iPotisEdge has obtained the ISO 26262:2018 ASIL D Certification

JK ENERGY LTD.  2022-07-07 16:31:11 

Recently, iPotisEdge has obtained the ISO 26262:2018 automotive function safety ASIL D process certification certificate issued by SGS. Getting this certificate marks that it has established a product development and management process system that fully meets the highest ASIL D level of automotive functional safety in accordance with the requirements of ISO 26262:2018 standard, which also means that it has reached the international leading level in functional safety development and management capabilities.

The SGS is an internationally recognized inspection, testing and certification body and is a benchmark for quality and integrity. SGS Global Automotive Safety Technology Center can provide one-stop solutions for the vehicle factory and component suppliers, mainly covering vehicle vehicle-level chips, semiconductor functional security, ASPICE, SOTIF, information security, etc. 


This certification project under the guidance of SGS automotive functional safety center, precision control energy strictly practice ISO 26262:2018 standard requirements, set up a project management development team, for different application scenarios and different functional safety level, realize functional safety development process full link management, including functional safety management, system stage development, hardware development, software development, support process, security analysis, product release, etc.

Zhou Juan, manager of SGS automobile functional safety product line, said: With the accelerating process of intelligent vehicle technology innovation today, ISO 26262 standard has become a major  "general standard " for automobile enterprises to produce safe vehicles and one of the entry barriers for automobile supply chain manufacturers. Today, not only traditional car companies, many technology companies also take ISO 26262 as their "required answer ". We are honored to issue the ISO 26262:2018 Auto Function Safety ASIL D certificate to Suzhou Precision Control, and we are pleased to witness more and more enterprises in different fields to the safety of smart cars.

Minjie,Shi, CEO / CTO of iPotisEdge, said:  " BMS, as one of the core technologies of iPotisEdge, the company has been providing long-term independent suppliers and system integration since its inception, and has been trusted by more and more domestic and overseas automobile enterprises and energy storage enterprises. Vehicle products and energy storage products have extremely high safety standards, smart home energy storage system, intelligent industrial and commercial energy storage system and wisdom of large energy storage container system, at the same time adopted to meet the car gauge level safety standards (ISO26262) independent BMS software and hardware solutions, for iPotisEdge storage products bring higher security guarantee. Passing the ISO 26262 ASIL D level safety certification is a milestone and a new starting point in the safety control of vehicle products and energy storage products. In the future,iPotisEdge Energy will continue to work closely with SGS to provide safer and more reliable products and solutions to its customers around the world.“


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